About Me

Cherelle Jay...

Truth is, I’ve been on a consistent journey of ups and downs. I’ve dealt with plenty of challenges in the performing industry, and a bunch of heartaches in my personal life (like most right?) but that’s why I want to make a difference for all the women out there who have felt how I have…

… which a few years ago was insecure, inadequate, self-conscious and not good enough!

I have always felt compelled to help, I knew I had a passion to inspire others and I was put in the limelight from quite a young age, but none of it mattered because I didn’t believe in ME! Having a purpose and not fulfilling it can honestly be the most gut wrenching, frustrating moments in life because you know you are not stepping up to your true potential. So this was my call for something bigger…

Cherelle Jay Smiling
Cherelle Jay in red leather jacket

After yet another breakup and constant ‘no’s’ from my industry, I decided to take up a once in a lifetime opportunity. I was getting signed to a Production Label in LA to be their next big artist. Huge! Only… I quit after three days. It was wild! I was stranded in a foreign city, alone, feeling ashamed, unable to talk about what had happened to me. For the first time ever, I wanted, well, I had to speak up! I found my voice. I talked about why we as women need to speak our truth. Why we need to love ourselves and know what we stand for. The responses I received were unreal: So many women shared how they were dealing with insecurity, feeling inadequate, or like they’re not enough, and in the process, were sabotaging other parts of their lives.

I was like damn… so many people out there are dealing with similar shit I’m going through! So I began to teach women how to dance in Heels. First it was about the steps, then it became therapy. Talking and sharing about how we felt, using our bodies to express. Telling our stories and empowering each other! It was magical!

I’ve witnessed how life changing it can be. How dance has saved people. Helping them see who they REALLY are, and who they can be! I’ve seen them on good and bad days, through celebrations and tears, and over the years I’ve held hundreds of classes, events, workshops and retreats and I’ve been lucky enough to have taught thousands of women along the way!

But I have a bigger vision. I want to help women outside of the studio too! Not just through dance.

I then qualified as a NLP Life Coach, specialising in confidence. But I wasn’t just going to be another Life Coach. Instead of just listening to you, I want to understand and connect with you on a deep and real level. My sessions are raw. I want tears, breakthroughs and Fuck Yes’s! There’s no wasting time on surface problems, we go straight to the core.

My mission is to help you understand how you feel, what it is you want, and how you can get there. I want to support you in turning something hard and difficult into something that nourishes you and you can grow from.

That’s me, Cherelle—you can call me CJ…

Not just another life coach!


  • Co-creator of ‘InSense’, a life coaching and mentoring platform providing talks, podcasts, 1-2-1 coaching and monthly subscriptions during lockdowns, helping communities to thrive and release (2020).
  • Launch of COnnex, a company providing staff within the hospitality and entertainment sector with the aim to become a global brand (2021).
  • Release of an app for COnnex, focusing on ASAP servicing (assigning, supplying, approving and providing) (2022).
  • Founder and CEO of Dance & Wellness company “Heels and Feels” a safe and supportive company providing female empowerment across classes, courses, workshops, events and retreats (2018).