In Business

Cherelle in business...

I never set out to be a ‘business woman’ and I certainly didn’t see myself as a young female entrepreneur but that has absolutely been my journey and I love the different hats I now get to wear within my career. Heels and Feels, (my first business) didn’t have a plan, it was just exactly what I needed at the time. Therapy, release and community. It became a safe haven, a home, a place people trusted and through that I really understood what most businesses needed, relatability and trust. It wasn’t just about a product or a service, it was about creating experiences for people. I became better with managing teams, creating wellness within workspaces and really honed in on relationships. Through this work, my online presence naturally increased and I started to trust not only my voice but the message I had to deliver too. I have always been into personal development but I took the time to go to public speaking courses, business courses and got as many mentors as possible to enhance my knowledge and rapidly saw the business grow from strength to strength. I have built a community of over 30 thousand people and taught thousands of women during this time creating one of Europe’s leading and most recognised dance companies. A space that has been known to change so many people’s lives!

Naturally I became so much more confident with who I was, what I had to offer and the way I engaged with my clients and customers and the next venture just felt like a ta’da moment for me! I started connecting freelancers and industry performers with clients and contacts I had made over the years which led me to build a Hospitality & Entertainment service “COnnex Agency” providing high end quality staff at venues, functions and bespoke events. For me, this was all about providing dancers the opportunity to work quality yet flexible shifts whilst still seeking professional work which is something I always struggled with in my early years. We are currently in the process of launching an App and seeing a huge change within the industry for the work we can provide for artists and performers and hope to build this across many different sectors in time too!

Everything for me now is about creating a change in the industry, not only the standard of the work we put out but the safe space it comes with too. Ensuring mental health, wellbeing and community is at the core of everything I do!