My Services

Dance Privates

Are you wanting to connect with your body, own your femininity and embrace your sensuality? This 1-2-1 time will allow me to work through those barriers with you, get you feeling confident and feeling your best self in the studio! We can do routines you have loved and stalked on the gram or  create choreography that’s perfect for your ability and body too! These sessions are all about the physical AND mental push you need and I’ll be your biggest supporter throughout our sessions together.

Movement Coaching & Direction

Are you an artist, creative or someone wanting direction and movement coaching to help you step into your confidence and presence? Whether you want to kill it on stage or boss it in your work space, we will cover physicality, engagement, artistry and presence, all to make you feel most comfortable and confident in any environment.

Content Creation

If you are looking for a micro influencer with an engaged following and a thriving community, myself and my brands are available for content creation and branding packages to help your message be delivered, seen and respected.

Choreography & Direction

With years of experience working in the entertainment industry in musicals, music videos, film and tv and teaching thousands of people across the last 5 years, I am keen to work on new and exciting projects with artists, businesses and brands. Work can include music videos, stage work, flash mobs, campaigns and more.

Event Co-ordination & Producing

If you are looking for someone to run a campaign, event or project to include sourcing talent, managing schedules and putting on the best show, I have ran over 3 creative businesses, hosted 100’s of workshops and events within my communities, managed teams of 40+ staff and produced huge events all whilst being physically involved in creative direction too. I have the business mind and creative brain to help get your event running smoothly and looking effortless too.

Host / Presenter / Public Speaker

I have hosted for over 100 shows, interviewed stars and have experience working on live TV, back stage presenting and podcasts. I am confident in my delivery, my message and engaging with my listeners and have built a community of over 35k combined following within my brands and have become recognised as an expert in my field.

If you would like to know more about the services I provide, my businesses or my coaching programmes, please reach out to me and I’m sure we can talk more.

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